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CurvaPen is designed to provide a complete PERSONALIZED writing experience. On top of flexible angling, even the tip has a seal that will conform to your preferred writing angle. As you write the seal will quickly scratch off to provide a smooth write that is delightfully light to the touch.

For best results, just grab the pen and position your hand and wrist in any way that feels natural to you. Be sure to keep the nib of the pen pointing down on the page as you write. This will ensure even ink flow and an overall smoother writing experience.

Curva Pen has a protective seal on the tip that will be worn down with continued use. So don’t be alarmed if there’s a scratchy feel to the pen initially. Because Curva Pen has such an easy flow, a light hand or minimum pressure is all that is needed for optimum use. Hard pressure may damage the nib's tip.

Take your writing style further with Curva Pen – Be Inspired!


Hand & Wrist Positions:

Supports ANY hand & wrist position that feels comfortable and natural to you. 


Grips Support:

Historically grips have been limited to four main types but with Curva Pen there is much mor flexibility and way more options. For example,  You can have a more relaxed grip holding the barrel further back with a comfortable wrist angling for cursive looping or you can choose a grip closer to the nib for more precise lettering or smaller note taking. The choice is yours.



Nib Angle Support:

You can use our product in a wide range of positions to achieve your desired effect.  It is important to remember that no matter how you position your hand and wrist, the nib should always be facing down on the paper with its tip touching. The angle between the nib and your paper surface should range between 45-90 degrees for optimal results.

How To Optionally Refill:

The Curva Pen is designed with high-quality ink that will write approximately 40,000 lines.  It is made to be disposable but you if ever want to optionally refill you can by easily removing the sturdy NIB..  extra ink is not included.  We like to use Higgins Black Magic ink that can be found in most art stores or online.   All you need is 3-4 drops and you are ready to use.

Watch how easy it is to refill!




  • I just received my Curvapens. This is an amazing product & I love writing with it!!

    Nina on

  • Love, love this pen!

    Karon on

  • I am left-handed and my hand writing is so bad I usually cannot read my own writing without great effort. This pen makes it incredibly easy to write more legibly. Thank You!

    Ronald B Kunce on

  • Anxious to try

    Gail Hofmann on

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