• Custom Pen Pouch & Gripper

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Custom Pen Pouch & Gripper

Free & Fast Shipping

30 day money back guarantee

4.9/5 Happy Customers


1. Why will I love Curva Pen?
It is the pen reinvented after over 100 years! Curva Pens unique curvature tip allows you to feel like the pen is made just for you. It does this by providing you with full flexibility and comfort to hold it at the perfect angle right for you to write or draw at your best.

2. What is CurvaPen best used for?
The Curva Pen solves a wide range of challenges for both right and left-handed people and is:

  • Best felt tip pen for writing
  • Best felt tip pen for quick drying ink
  • Best felt tip pen for journaling
  • Best felt tip pen for lefties
  • Best ergonomic felt tip pen for people with medical conditions
  • Best felt tip pen for students & note-taking
  • Best felt tip pen for sketch contouring and shading lines
  • Best fine-line technical felt tip pen
  • Best fine-point felt tip pen (.4mm) THE SWEET SPOT!

3. What size is the Nib Tip?
The Nib tip is .4mm

4. I loved the testimonials do you have more?
Yes! You can watch real testimonials of people with various writing styles here to see the proof.  https://curvapen.com/pages/testimonials 

5. What kind of ink is used?

  • Fast drying ink
  • Chemically stable
  • Pigment ink (Archival)
  • No smear or feathering when dry
  • Waterproof and chemical proof
  • Fade resistant
  • Does not bleed through most papers

6. Is the ink refillable?
YES! The CurvaPen is designed with high-quality ink that will write approximately 40,000 lines.  If you ever want to refill your Curva Pen simply use your own ink by easily removing the sturdy NIB to refill.  Extra ink is not included. Here's how easy it is to refill!

7. What ink colors are available?

Currently black is the available ink color. However, Blue ink will be an option along with different NIB sizes.

8. Is there a Pen cap for this pen?
Yes. Curva Pen has a specially designed high-quality cap

9. Will the ink smear?

Curva Pen uses high-quality fast dry ink that won't smear. It can even be covered with a highlighter without smearing.

10. Why the name Curva Pen?
The patent description identifies this invention as a writing instrument with an elongated tip with a curvature so we used the word Curva.

11. Where do you ship?
We ship Worldwide

12. What are all your payment options?
Any major credit card, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Sezzle, Google Pay, and Shop Pay.

13. Can Curva Pen be used by heavy writers?
Different pressure can be used to help with sketching and contouring.  However, Curva Pen in made for comfort and flexibility requiring a Light touch to allow a precise and smooth write.  If you are hearing/feeling continued scratching or if it appears the pen has run out of ink it is because you are writing too hard and/or have damaged the NIB.

14. I have another question that isn’t listed here.

If you have any questions, feedback, or simply want to drop us a line, you can reach us through Kickstarter messages or at info@CurvaPen.com