December 9, 2022

Inventory is now in stock!  This hit our warehouse today and is currently being inspected again to insure the highest quality before shipping to you! 


November 29, 2022

Curva Pen Inc's large inventory has shipped from over seas!  Now that Curva Pen is a fully developed, branded product we will be showcasing it in new exciting ways. We wanted you to be the first to view our latest marketing commercial that will be used in ads worldwide (see below). Again, thank so much for your support in helping bring Curva Pen to the world. This is all possible because of you.


November 17, 2022

We are happy to inform you that our large batch of black and beige pens have shipped!  All inventory has left the docks of China and the freight is scheduled to arrive on Dec 13th here in the U.S.  Just in time for the holiday season. We are deeply grateful for your support. You are instrumental in helping us bring Curva Pen, something new and innovative, to the world. We hope that Curva Pen will help inspire people from all walks of life from children to adults alike to write, draw, and create the masterpieces they hold within.

Here are a few images from our rigorous quality inspection report.  Important survey information below, read on.



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