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Write Comfortably with CurvaPen

Say goodbye to blurred lines, smeared ink, and hand discomfort. Our patented Curva Pen design ensures clear visibility and control, prevents ink smudging, and eases the fatigue, arthritis, and carpal tunnel pain that can come from writing.


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    Reduce pain and discomfort from awkward angles and heavy use.

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    Enjoy better visibility and quick dry ink for smudge-free writing.

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    Give your Curva Pens new life. Pipette included!

Nothing Beats the Feeling of a High
Quality Pen on Real Paper


For tasks like journaling and illustration, digital tools just don't provide the same convenience, accuracy, or natural feel, but many writers and artists still struggle to use pen and paper because of issues like:

  • Poor Control
  • Limited Visibility (especially for lefties)
  • Ink Smudges
  • Hand Fatigue
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Arthritis

Curva Pen RESOLVES these problems with a curved tip design that allows you to find the perfect angle for better accuracy and reduced strain. Many of our customers even experience IMPROVED PENMANSHIP due to a lighter, more fluid stroke!

All About Curva Pen in Under 2 Minutes


Try Curva Pen today and say goodbye to hand fatigue, ink smudges, and limited visibility.

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Quality You Can Rely Upon


The first felt pen patent was drafted in 1910 and virtually all pens have been the same for over 100 years. Now comes Curva Pen, a new elegant way of writing and drawing with a similar result to felt but featuring a more durable tip. Curva Pen is manufactured to the highest standards and features benefits like:

  • Durable Construction

    Curva Pens are made from high quality materials. They can even last long enough to refill and reuse.

  • Smooth Lines

    Curva Pens create amazingly clean lines, making them ideal for for both writing and illustration.

  • Fast Drying Ink

    Prevent smudges and color in artwork shortly after outlining.

  • Waterproof

    Curva Pen ink won't run if it is exposed to water after drying.

  • No Run or Fade

    Curva Pen ink won't make a mess and withstands the test of time.

Key Benefits

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    Increased Efficiency

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    Greater Visibility

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    Improved Accuracy

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    Better Penmanship

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    Superior Comfort

Not Just for Writing

Curva Pen’s .4mm curved tip provides artists with an ideal stroke width for achieving smooth, bold lines while still being thin enough to add intricate details. Best of all, it’s fun to use!



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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring writing back into the lives of people everywhere. By developing a new curved nib tool, we hope to add tremendous value with high quality products to make it easier for everyone to hold a pen in a fun way with comfort, flexibility and accuracy. We believe that writing is one of the most powerful tools available and should be embraced by all generations. With our mission, we strive to inspire others to fall in love with writing again and find new ways to express themselves through words. Together, let's get people to rediscover the joy of writing!

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